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American University of Afghanistan Provides both Opportunity and Hope

American University of Afghanistan Provides both Opportunity and Hope

The American University of Afghanistan (“AUAF”) is the country’s first fully accredited private non-profit college. It offers several degree programs. From graduate-level business degrees to undergraduate options and professional education, the AUAF has helped thousands of young people achieve their dreams.

AUAF has broken new ground in the short time that it’s been open. However, AUAF faces substantial potential barriers to its success. This includes violent attacks, kidnappings, and constant threats against the University, its students, and its staff. This has created a great deal of fear.

The University is a collection of passionate people that keep it going because they believe that EDUCATION WILL PREVAIL. The professors, support staff, and students want to see the AUAF survive, and to do so they need help from the international community. As a result, benevolent support for the AUAF is more important now than ever.


Private Support for Education is Critical

Despite ongoing violence and threats, education is increasing in Afghanistan. Afghani children have enrolled in school in the millions over just the past fifteen years, and college enrollment is up as well. The trend is particularly encouraging for school-aged girls. During this time, female primary school enrollment has multiplied exponentially.

Afghanistan is still working hard to address the significant challenges facing its development.  However, less than half of Afghan schools have proper facilities, equipment, and instructors. The nation is also plagued by a critical teacher shortage and often must close schools despite substantial local need.

Public assistance is necessary for high rates of enrollment. However, students everywhere – particularly in areas impacted by violence – often need more help than wheat the government can provide. Private funds, including the generous donations procured by Lady Jamil Kharrazi, bridge these gaps.

As a result, Lady Kharrazi strives to ensure that everyone across the world has access to higher education. In working towards this goal, she works with the


Media: youtube video from Friends of American University of Afghanistan


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