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Jamileh Kharrazi senior executive of “Phoolan” documentary

Phoolan has been nominated for the 2017 My Hero Film Festival. It is a documentary film (with Senior Executive Jamileh Kharrazi) about the extraordinary life of an illiterate village girl, gang-rape survivor, bandit and finally parliamentarian. This is the story of one woman’s fight against incredible odds for justice and dignity. Known as India’s Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi is considered by many to be one of the most extraordinary and controversial women of our time.

Phoolan Hamileh KHarrazi

By exploring Phoolan Devi’s story,  we explore the resilience of human spirit in the face of extreme oppression while creating greater awareness about the problems of poverty, injustice, and sexual violence towards women in India and beyond.

In order to immerse the viewer in this stranger-than-fiction story, the film weaves together interviews with those who knew her best, dramatic reenactments, and never-seen-before archival footage. It also includes insight from a select group of Indian experts who provide context and give first-hand accounts of the story as it unfolds. Through these voices, the audience sees the wider relevance of Phoolan’s life to the problems faced by women and the poor today.



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