A woman’s story

Lady Kharrazi is an accomplished business woman with passion for arts and humanity. A philanthropist, talented ballerina and a classical singer having had concerts throughout Europe and the Middle East.

She is an international property designer and developer, Founder and Advisor to several trusts, companies and private banks across the world. Lady Kharrazi is also the Founder and the President of both JK Foundation, and more recently the Toos Charitable Foundation. She is a devoted defender of women rights and human rights who continues to help women and children affected by armed conflict and funding orphanage homes in the Middle East.

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi is also a Senior Executive of several documentaries including Phoolan, a documentary about a woman’s fight against incredible odds for justice and dignity. Lady Kharrazi, an international advocate of women’s right and her support of motion pictures has provided audiences of all ages with stories of hope and inspiration.

Lady Kharrazi is the Founder and Director of Toos Foundation; an organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of Iranian art and culture. Toos Foundation is guided by values and principles of understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for mankind.

In the recent years, Lady Kharrazi has worked eagerly to create a better understanding of arts and culture between the “East and West” by participating and sponsoring concerts and events across Europe including Folklore and Classical Songs of Middle East, a collaboration with European Orchestra. Lady Kharrazi’s joint venture with the Jackson Family has helped benefit the humanitarian causes from revenue of the “Jackson Five” production.

Lady Jamileh Kharazzi is a strong supporter of education. She was appointed as Harvard Ambassador to the Middle East by Dean Joseph S. Nye in 1999. She has sponsored many students in science and humanities disciplines post graduate programs at elite universities across the globe.

Lady Kharrazi has funded and supported families in need of medical care in partnership with advance medical facilities.

A true advocate for children in need, Lady Jamileh Kharrazi continues to support children and orphanages affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters around the world.


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